If you need to cancel your order, you can email us to request a cancellation.  However, we cannot guarantee that we will see your email before we process and ship your order.  Please make every effort to be sure of what you want to order before placing your order.  If we ship your order before seeing your request to cancel, you will need to return the order for refund according to the instructions on your packing slip.  No prior authorization for return is required.  We can accept changes to a lower quantity of an item on your order, but we can't increase the quantity because it will be more than the credit card authorization on the order.  Again, we can't guarantee that we will see your request for change in quantity prior to shipping your order.  We do not accept changes to a different product on an order.  If you need a different product, you can request to cancel your order and place a new order for the item that you need.