For an AR style sight post, you can install it without a sight tool, but it is easier and faster to install with a sight tool.  Our universal sight tool is the only one designed to fit our Chevron Sight Posts, a standard sight tool will not fit them.  Our tool also fits our other AR sight posts and most standard sight posts.  A standard sight tool will usually fit our other post designs like the round, flat, spike posts, but will not fit our chevron posts.  Our sight tools are billet machined from 416 stainless steel with a matte black finish.  Our AR sight posts are available with or without the tool.  This way you can buy one with a tool and more without the tool.  

To install with a sight tool, insert the tool onto the top of the sight post and use it to thread the sight post into the front sight.  The spring-loaded plunger in the sight will be kept from locking into the notches on the sight post by the tool as it turns the sight post.  When you have threaded it in as far as you want, simply pull the tool up and let the plunger lock into a notch on the sight post.  If not using a tool, you would push the plunger down with another tool like a knife tip, a bullet tip, an allen wrench, etc. and hold it down while you thread the sight post in by hand.  As the sight post goes in you will need to use something like a bullet tip or other tool to rotate the post down into the threads.  Once it is in far enough, let the plunger come up and lock into a notch on the sight post.  

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