Our AR series sight posts will fit any sight that accepts a standard A2 sight post.  This is the most common sight post type on the market and is what is used on the AR15/M16A2 military type fixed front sight housing.  These are used in front sights from many aftermarket manufacturers to include: Troy fixed and folding standard size battlesights (not micro), Midwest Industries Sights, Diamondhead Aluminum Sights (not polymer), Magpul original MBUS Gen 2 polymer sights (not MBUS PRO or MBUS 3 - we make unique models for those), Daniel Defense, Samson, Rainier Arms, Aero Precision, Precision Reflex (PRI), Military fixed front sight, and many, many others.  There are manufacturers who use their own sight post design, so please confirm that your sight uses the standard A2 sight post design.  

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